fragmented June

Panos is mr June 2018. since his zodiac is gemini here is he in a twin mirror version. he is the best to have around when playing board games and together with his significant other they are the couple to beat. in board games and real life…

hay May

So, i got my PhD. this is why April’s post is missing.

Ismene is born on the 4th of May. she is my dear friend and we have known each other for 16 years now. we always have fun no matter what. we found this hay field and impromptu decided to use it as the setting for this photoshooting despite the sharp wind. so hay May it is!

manly March

Panos is Mr March. he is a new friend. met him this summer. he is a genuinely good guy. he is a mathematician, a philosopher and a dancer. he is the one i am having existential conversations with. we are really different. but we appreciate each other. he doesn’t like to be photographed. 

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